Why Does Your Furnace Smell When You Turn It On?

The weather is turning brisk in Saint Marys and we will have to turn our furnaces on soon. This time of year we get a great deal of furnace repair calls from homeowners stating that they smell something when they turn their furnace on for the first time. Most likely you haven’t been running your furnace since last year. In that time dust may have gathered inside your system. The first time you start your furnace, that dust will incinerate. The smell from this will journey through your ducts throughout your house. This doesn’t usually establish any sort of hazard and the smell will normally go away after a little bit. However, if the odor does not go away after a while, please call in one of our pros.

Another reason you could be smelling an stench from your furnace is that your air filter might have gotten clogged. This can cause your blower motor to become overworked and could cause the motor, and/or the furnace to overheat.

Your furnace is going to be an important part of your life these coming months. If you haven’t yet scheduled your routine furnace repair, now is the perfect time. Our experts will be sure your system is working smoothly and clean the internal components before you have to worry about a burning smell. Give us a call at 912-208-2470 to set up an appointment with us. 

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