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How Regularly Should You Service Your Furnace?

Between pro lawn care and raking, you probably do a variety of tasks to prep your yard for chillier weather. Inside your home, your furnace is the same. It also requires tune-ups to keep it operating smoothly all through the fall and winter.

But how frequently should you maintain your furnace in Saint Marys? What if it’s newer? Or running well? Is maintenance needed then? Let’s review why furnace maintenance is necessary and how regularly you should schedule it.

Why Furnace Service is Essential

Your furnace is crucial to keeping your home comfy during cold weather. When it’s regularly serviced, you’ll get dependable, efficient warmth. If you often avoid maintenance, your furnace can become dirty. This can make your furnace work more than it needs to and, consequently, enlarge your energy bills. A lack of maintenance could also result in your furnace breaking down, leaving you with costly repair bills that could have been preventable in a lot of outcomes.

One of the most important tasks you can do by yourself is frequently getting a new furnace air filter. When your filter gets clogged, your furnace may start responding by doing something known as short cycling, where it turns on and off more frequently to prevent overheating. Apart from the fact that this affects your heating bills, it also impacts your furnace’s life cycle since it’s on more regularly.

If you have a flat filter, we advise replacing it at the very least every 30 days. Pleated filters can work up to three months. An easy approach to determine whether you need to replace your filter is by taking it out and holding it up to the light. If you don’t detect light through it, you should get a fresh one.

However, how regularly you should replace your filter is contingent upon how often your furnace runs, if you have indoor animals and if anyone in your residence deals with allergies. The Turner Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning techs can assist you if you aren’t sure how regularly you should get a new filter or what the ideal model is for your residence.

How Often You Should Request Furnace Maintenance

We suggest scheduling furnace maintenance in Saint Marys annually, preferably during the time between air conditioning and heating season. This will give you a head start just in case you need any repairs and will ensure you get headache-free heat all winter long. It also keeps your manufacturer’s warranty valid, which is important if you have a new furnace.

Apart from getting a fresh air filter and keeping your register grates free of dirt, we don’t recommend trying furnace maintenance alone. Your furnace is a complex machine that needs assistance from a heating and cooling professional. All our friendly Turner Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning technicians have passed in-depth courses to better support you. They’re also completely licensed and insured, offering you peace of mind that your heating system is in great hands.

Here are some of services we’ll perform on our maintenance visit:

  • Check critical parts of your furnace, like the heat exchanger, blower and burner.
  • Clean the inner parts of your furnace, such as the flame sensor, burner and blower.
  • Look at the flue to ensure it’s venting correctly.
  • Evaluate complete furnace performance for safety and optimal heating.

Now is an outstanding time to schedule your furnace maintenance appointment with Turner Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning. Our specialists are here to help you have a worry-free winter with energy-efficient heat. Contact us at 912-208-2470 to request your appointment today, and don’t forget to browse our offers for select discounts on your future maintenance appointment.

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